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Our Story - AN GLOBAL:

AN Global Group Holdings Ltd. is an investment company that includes six divisions: Franchise, Business Brokerage, Education, Technology, Consulting, and Business Migration – but each division has its own legal structure, and its activities are captured through a legal entity. Our divisions work collaboratively, bringing innovative thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation skills to help our clients make their strategic planning goals a reality. The company has a strong customer – focus approach that offers top-class solutions. By focusing on its strengths, its key customers, and the company’s underlying vision and mission, AN Global Group Holdings LTD. plans to increase sales, while also improving the gross margin on sales and cash management and working capital.

In 1993 the foundation of current AN Global Group Holdings was established by providing services in the fields of tax, accounting, and business consulting. In less than 4 years, the business grew to over 7000 clients, including 20 publicly traded corporations, and rose to the top spot in Australia. We then did International Consulting and helped many Indian companies to establish in Australia as well as a few Australian companies in India. As a Chartered Accountant, I provided strategic consulting, and local directorship with a practical cost-effective approach. AN Global Education was created based on the experience accumulated from 1999 when the International Vocational College was developed in Australia and New Zealand. We have recently acquired “Phoenix Compliance” a profitable company in Sydney Australia, which now gives us the ability to form and develop International Vocational colleges which can be expanded in a few countries. When the business Growth and Turnaround Development service entered the picture in 2013 in California USA, the company also further developed a model in 2016 to help overseas entrepreneurs to invest in the USA and also obtain a green card through that Investment. underwent a significant international expansion.

So, in summary, the legal entities that did the previous businesses have either closed or been sold, and the valuable experience, contacts and management teams which were created then have helped create the current organizational structure for AN Global Group Holdings.

The year 2022 brought the biggest expansion of the business, bringing together all the services under one umbrella – A N Global Holdings LTD. Now, its operations have the goal of building a trusted brand globally by offering integrated out-of-the-box bespoke solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

AN Global Group Holdings Ltd.’s principal office is 12005 Ford Road, Suite 100-A, Dallas, Texas, USA. Also, AN Global Group Holdings LTD has established offices in different countries like Canada, Australia, India, Dubai and in other locations that are in process: United Kingdom, Singapore, Mexico and Bangladesh.

Our Vision

Inspired to become an internationally trusted brand, providing integrated out-of-the-box customized solutions to small & medium-sized businesses

Our Mission

1.  To Achieve Group Market capitalization of over $1 billion USD within 7 years from 1/1/2023.

2.  To make every division profitable in line with the mission, operating successfully with a positive work environment of creativity, dedication, happiness, peace and satisfaction.

3.  Expand corporate presence in over 25 countries and provide customized solutions.

4.  To provide a great value proposition for client services, going above and beyond service standards, prompt communication, continuous improvement, trust, and professionalism are the core values we will adhere to as part of the AN Global family.

5.  As a responsible global corporate citizen, we intend to give back to the communities through our non-profit “AN Global Foundation,” an initiative toward our Corporate Social responsibility, including all stakeholders that are part of its global family.


Avinash Nichkawde

Avinash Nichkawde

President, Chairman

Avinash Nichkawde is an Entrepreneur, Chartered Accountant, and International Business, Consultant.

Avinash has a basic degree in Accounting & Finance from Mumbai University and is a Chartered Accountant from India. He migrated to Australia in 89 and founded Avinash Nichkawde & co in 1993, which became number one in the whole of Australia within 4 years, with 7000 clients including 20 public companies, serving in the areas of Tax, Accounting, and Business Consulting practice. He then started International Vocations colleges in Australia & New Zealand, acquired a Commercial pilot training flying school in Melbourne, and with 200 employees almost listed his holding company on the local stock exchange. The next step of evolution for A N Global was International Consulting wherein it helped corporations to expand internationally.

AN became USA resident since 2012, got a failed business in CALIFORNIA and turned it around to make it a “current recession & pandemic proof business” and was trained full time for a week in 2012 in the areas of Business Brokerage & Franchise consulting by one of the largest business brokerage franchise and later owned 4 territories for them. He was very popular on local radio in Dallas for 8 months where in he helped local communities. In middle of pandemic in Nov 2020, he acquired a failing restaurant business In Murphy Texas, turned it around during pandemic and sold it for 10 times his investment by end of 2021 to fully focus on AN GLOBAL. He has consulted many overseas clients in the areas of Investment based migration since 2018.

Naresh Yadav

Naresh K. Yadav

CFO, AN Global

Naresh K. Yadav is a Certified Public Accountant from the State of Texas, he is also a Chartered Accountant from India. He has vast experience in accounting, taxation, and finance. He has worked in various positions throughout his 28 years of accounting and finance career. He started his career as an Investment Manager in Insurance and Reinsurance companies. Naresh is well versed in managing funds, investments and working capital. He has also worked as a controller in the Providian Group of Companies. His significant contribution helped businesses expand and attain financial stability via managing their finances throughout his 28 years of experience.

We are pleased to have Naresh as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of AN Global Holdings. He will have a major role in managing the finances of the AN Global group. His responsibilities include managing the accounting department, handling tax matters and managing finance. As he has worked in various industries, his experience will be very useful in the growth of AN Global Group.


Akshay Nichkawde

COO, AN Global

Akshay Nichkawde has a degree in economics and finance. He was groomed as an elite sportsman in Australia from his childhood and performed well at the national level but his career ended with an injury.

He is an experienced business owner and a consultant for the Educational and Business Services sector. His business “Phoenix Compliance Management” was acquired by AN Global Holdings and now he is fully dedicated to his new position.

Akshay provides strategic advice and leads a successful team in providing professional services. His professionalism involves consistently achieving high standards, both visibly and “behind the scenes”. Akshay plans to take A N Global Holdings to the next level.


Rocko Bell

Director, Brokerage Operations

Rocko is the former head of the Contracts and Procurement Division for U.S. Army Central Command (ARCENT), where he directed the negotiation of over $150 million worth of contractual agreements from manufacturers including, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and General Dynamics. He is also a former intelligence chief, in charge of a company of intelligence analysts that synthesized data for over 3,500 people throughout the Middle East.

Rocko received a B.S. in Marketing, an MBA in Business Analytics, and advanced certifications in Contract Negotiations and Strategic Management from Georgetown University. He has years of experience in Marketing, Acquisitions, Project Management and Business Analytics. His principal belief is, “The only way for an organization to achieve sustainable growth in the 21 st Century, is to cultivate and empower its subordinate leaders.”


Sherri Krause

Director, AN Global Franchising

Sherri was born in California, and was raised all over the United States and various countries due to coming from a military family as well as serving a short period of time in the U.S. Army herself. These previous positions and life experiences have prepared her for the  position as the Franchise Director for AN GLOBAL.

Sherri is coming to AN GLOBAL with over 30 years of customer service. After retiring in 2019 from a major airline of 23 years, she started a business that is in the real estate and consulting realm. Always interested in real estate, she started wholesaling properties. She also started a second company that compliments wholesaling properties by becoming a Mobile Notary and Certified Loan Signing Agent specifically geared towards the assistance of closing residential and commercial properties.

Sherri is driven and that helps her to be able to find solutions for the 500+ franchises already here at AN GLOBAL needing assistance. She is client responsive and  thinks out of the box to be able to help clients gain the franchises of their choice.


Tammy Moore_Profile

Tammy Moore

Business Advisor

Tammy Moore has over 15 years of experience in owning and running her own businesses. She has built million-dollar empires in the automotive and floral industries. She has had extensive exposure to business brokerage through the sale of her own businesses. Each one of her enterprises were built from scratch and she gained valuable insights into managing a business, growing its valuation and to market and sell it successfully.

Tammy has also built relationships and established numerous company brands through franchising. She has gained in-depth knowledge into business analytics and advanced corporate development. On her rise to fame, she was identified as one of Arlington’s most-leading women in Today Magazine. She has developed a reputation as the person that can grow any business, in any industry, and help it reach its fullest potential. She also understands the ins and outs of buying and selling businesses in today’s market. For her, failure is not an option for her clients, and Tammy will do everything in her power to ensure that they are represented to the fullest.

Joseph Chima_bio_pic

Joseph Chima

Business Advisor

Joseph’s extensive history as a software engineer allows him to seamlessly connect with people in the IT industry and beyond. He has a passion for bringing business owners and business buyers together to transition the legacy of one person’s success into “The American Dream” for another. As a successful business broker, Joseph brings to the table a trifecta of skills: entrepreneurship, purposeful listening, and problem solving. These skills remove the obstacles between the parties, and helps them to navigate towards a successful transaction.

Joseph consistently delivers the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality to our clients. His mastery of the sales process minimizes the time and stress typically experienced in negotiating the transfer of ownership of privately-held businesses.

Victoria Dalton -1

Victoria Dalton

Business Advisor

Victoria Dalton is a former Home Equity Manager in the mortgage industry and has gained years of experience in financial assessments, property analysis, and sales negotiations. With professional degrees in math and statistics, she loves financial analysis and finding ways to make the numbers work for both, buyer and seller in her transactions. Her mission is to help clients achieve their financial goals through acquisitions and the like.

Victoria was born and raised in Orange County, California, and received professional credentials at Cal State Fullerton. Her philanthropic work revolves around volunteering with animal rescues and homeless outreaches.

At AN Global, she builds connections between buyers and sellers; and offers simplicity to the process of business sales. She holds a high degree of professionalism and customer service and is excited to lend her expertise to the most complex of business transactions.


Seth Buchman

Business Advisor

Seth Jordan Buchman learned early on how to negotiate his way through life and business. Hailing from a line of Jewish entrepreneurs and businessmen, he graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2018 with a B.S in Business Marketing and credentials in Finance and Biology. Following graduation, Seth successfully started his own business, brokering and selling luxury goods, jewelry, and exotic automobiles. As a result of his store’s success, he was able to cultivate valuable relationships with celebrities and the like. He has also worked as a Senior Business Analyst, obtaining extensive knowledge in business valuations, and creative problem solving. Seth frequently travels internationally to learn the practices of different cultures, and to understand their customs. He is dedicated to making sure his clients safely navigate the buying/selling process, by providing them with professional representation, leveraging his extensive business and brokering experience.

Monica Monroe_Profile Pic

Monica Monroe

Business Advisor

With a background of nearly 5 years of real estate and business ownership experience, Monica has closed over 200 investment transactions to date. Receiving numerous accolades throughout her career, she has frequently been labeled best-in-class for advising investors on their business and real estate acquisitions. Monica has credentials and extensive education in marketing, finance, and contract competence; and is able to leverage a vast level of expertise and business acumen for the sale of each venture. She prides herself on conducting business with integrity and being a valuable asset to her clients before, during, and after each transaction.

Trent Brown_Profile

Trent Brown

Business Advisor

With over 19 years of experience in corporate business development, Trent has been involved in the growth and evolution of companies across the DFW Metroplex, including top brands like Hello Fresh. Having spearheaded local, regional, national, and global partnerships, Trent is a professional in valuing, scaling, and optimizing businesses for their owners. He was also licensed in real estate in 2017 and currently practices Commercially.

Being a Consultative Expert, Trent identifies opportunities that are well-aligned with the objectives of clients through a comprehensive understanding of various market verticals. Whether you are an investor looking to purchase an attractive business, or more importantly, an owner looking to sell, Trent can undoubtedly assist, with unmatched professionalism and diligence. His experience in leveraging teams, and generating creative solutions for his clients, allows him to further help them with buying, selling or growing their own businesses. Trent values honesty and fairness and is known to live by these principles in all aspects of life. With the desire to see people grow and succeed, Trent maintains long-lasting relationships that endure long after the closing of the transaction.




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